Thursday, October 6, 2022

I don't know why our enemies are always close with us

I can't  guess if they are always looking for what to eat from us,but all in all they are just interested in our dropping tears.who is an enemy according to you,according to me, your enemy claims to be your best friend,anywy his first visit , he comes in a picture of agood friend,and then for you ,you begin bringing him into your life.
You reach an extent of giving him all your secrets ,you forget that you have given him away to study your weakness,and this marks his first way to destroy you and turnish your name every where.
That's why you will here peaple saying that ,they used to be great friends but nowdays they are great enemies , GOD forbid.
Otherwise here at arrowrecordsandstudiose allseasons we are forcused at preaching the word of GOD,humankinde,we teach peaple how to become great thinkers ,and we also make them finde ways to adopt faith in GOD and also become real believers.
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Monday, October 3, 2022

badru unger against dead souls

street kids kasese by kavuma

I wonder why streets of kasese are full of street kids.
Anyway streets are for every one that's how we finde money.
A question comes here
Who is a streat kid and what do we mean by the word street life?
A streat kid is a child who abandons his home due to the effect of shortage of food,others is due to the toture of the presence of step mothers and step fathers.other kids just finde them selves.
Street life refers keeping your self on street ,no permanent job for you,here your on any work that comes across you just for the sake of food.
Otherwise here at arrowrecordsandstudiose allseasons we preach the word of GOD,humankinde,person discipline,we are life coaches,for more religious lectures .

Gaz tyre center and wheel balancing kasese by badru kaneza

Tuesday, September 27, 2022


badru the value of letter d